Recently Chapman Freeborn’s chairman and co-founder Chris Chapman did an interview with Payload Asia magazine.

In the candid interview, he shared the story behind this 40 year old leading air chartering company, and what got him into commercial aviation.


Because my dad was a police officer!

Whenever he is asked how he got into commercial aviation, Chapman Freeborn cofounder Chris Chapman has a standard, if not quizzical reply: “Because my dad was a police officer!”. The gregarious chairman of Chapman Freeborn may have had a bit of inglorious start depending on one’s perspective, having been he admits, kicked out of school by the Jesuits at a very early age.

Ever hopeful his son would pick up a respectable career, Chapman’s father took him to a careers exhibition one day. “There were all these people trying to sell me on the idea of becoming a banker or an accountant and they were all sounding really boring and so just to shut him up and put a smile back on his face I looked around and saw a stand that said ‘BOAC’ as British Airways was known back then and I said, ‘I want to work for an airline’. And boy did that put a smile on his face!

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