Dornier 328 Turboprop Cargo Conversion STC

We recently completed a first of type passenger to freighter conversion on a Dornier 328-120 Turboprop.  This is the first and only FAA approved conversion on the 328 TP.

This project began over a year ago in the USA as a repossession for a major German bank.  The Class E cargo  mod consisted of removal of all passenger seats, lavatory, and aft cargo bulkhead.  (Appx 1,700 lbs were removed.  Aircraft enhanced performance and range have not yet been calculated for the base weight reduction)

Changes included installation of a cargo liner,  cargo nets & corresponding tie-down points, cargo smoke detectors & respective annunciation panel and a smoke curtain.

The STC allows for 2 net configuration options. A barrier net configuration that is sub-divided into eight (8) cargo areas. Each is divided by their respective cargo nets.  A floor net configuration sub-divided into five (5) cargo areas. Each is divided by their respective cargo nets.

With its high speed and excellent airfield performance the Dornier 328 is ideal for regional bulk load cargo carriers.

The aircraft as well as ownership of the STC are presently offered for sale on behalf of the bank by Collateral Verifications LLC.


Mark Peterman

VP, Technical Services

Collateral Verifications LLC


5 thoughts on “Dornier 328 Turboprop Cargo Conversion STC

  1. Hi Mark,

    Are you able to disclose the aircraft involved and what it’s new official designation is? Could it be N334PH (c/n 3012)? Is it just called Do328-120(F) or something similar?



  2. Hello.  Yes it is serial 3012.  Regarding the designation, it remains a Do 328-120 since it is the same Type Certificate with our Supplemental Type Certificate installed.  The STC can be removed and reconfigured to PAX in a just of a couple weeks.

  3. The STC is valid for use on all 328-100 series (-100, -110, -120 etc..)  The FAA has assured us that the approval process for a Jet version would be quick and only look at those items that are truly unique between the TP and the Jet as the STC is already flight tested, approved and issued.  I can only think of 2 primary differences between the TP & Jet.  That would be the left and right engines….

  4. Thanks a lot Mark!

  5. Aircraft is available for Sale or Lease.  Updated spec sheet available. or USA Toll Free 1.888.800.0030 Ext 703

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