FedEx orders four more 777 Freighters

FedEx placed a firm order with Boeing for four more 777 Freighters. The order (which does not change Boeing’s backlog, as it had previously been shown as from an “Unidentified Customer”) brings FedEx’s total firm 777F orders to 27.

However, as well as the 27 units ordered directly from Boeing, FedEx has taken delivery of two 777Fs originally ordered by Air France, and in addition has an order in place with Boeing for a further 15 units contingent only “upon there being no event that causes FedEx Express or its employees to no longer be covered by the Railway Labor Act.” Given the current political climate in the US, any change to FedEx’s labor relations is wildly unlikely, and Cargo Facts expects that this conditional order will soon be firmed.

Adding all of the above gives FedEx a total 777F fleet of 44 units, of which the company has now taken delivery of twelve.

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