Freighter Aircraft Transactions in January 2017

Today we present a summary of the Freighter Aircraft Transactions (FATs) Cargo Facts tracked over the course of January 2017. Remember, each reference to a freighter aircraft transaction (FAT)  contains a unique FAT code linked to our FAT database. This
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myCargo 747-400F write-off. A 747-400F (32897) operated by Turkey-based myCargo Airlines on an ACMI basis for Turkish Airlines crashed on landing in fog at Manas Airport (FRU) near Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan [FAT 003678]. The freighter was destroyed and the crew and more than thirty people on the ground were killed.

FedEx is reported to be in the process of transitioning two of the three 777Fs (37138, 39286) operated by ASL Airlines Belgium for TNT Express (which FedEx owns) to its own fleet. [FATs 003676 – 3677].

Denmark-based Star Air acquired a 767-300F (35816) on lease from GECAS. The freighter was in the LATAM Cargo fleet from 2010, but was returned to the lessor last month [FATs 003699 – 3700].

Two 767-300BDSFs for ATSG. Air Transport Services Group took redelivery of two 767 300BDSFs (24930, ex-Qantas and 24036, ex-American Airlines) following conversion to BDSF freighter configuration by Bedek Aviation Group. Cargo Aircraft Management (CAM, ATSG’s leasing arm) leased both freighters to Amazon, which has handed them back for operation by ATSG subsidiary carriers ATI and ABX Air in the Amazon Prime network [FATs 003679 – 3681 and 003693 – 3695].

Atlas Air Worldwide Holdings (AAWW) took redelivery of a 767-300BDSF (30109, ex-Transaero) following conversion by Bedek Aviation Group. Titan Aviation Leasing (AAWW’s leasing arm) has leased the freighter to Amazon, which has handed it back to AAWW subsidiary carrier Atlas Air for CMI operation [FATs 003696 – 3698].

China-based Uni-Top Airlines took redelivery of an A300-600F (732, ex-China Eastern) following conversion to freighter configuration by EFW [FAT 003701]. This is Uni-Top’s fourth A300-600F, and it has three more A300-600s (707, 725, 741) either in or awaiting conversion by EFW.

FedEx removed an A310-300F (456) from service and ferried it to Victorville for storage [FAT 003702]. FedEx now has just six A310-300Fs in active service. Note that while we have reported FedEx as having retired several A310-300Fs in the past, the company points out that it only considers an aircraft “retired” when it comes off the books.

DHL Express took redelivery of two 757-200PCFs (27975, ex-Ethiopian, and 26275, ex-Thomas Cook) following conversion to PCF freighter configuration by Precision Aircraft Solutions [FATs 003682 and 3683]. These were the 27th and 28th 757-200s Precision has converted for DHL, and the 11th and 12th that Precision has redelivered to DHL in the last twelve months.

Brazil-based Sideral Air Cargo ACMI-leaded a 727-200F (22984) from fellow Brazilian carrier Rio Linhas Aeréas [FAT 00xxxx].

Luxembourg-based lessor Vallair took redelivery of a 737-400F (27660, ex-Japan Transocean Air) following conversion to freighter configuration by Aeronautical Engineers, Inc [FAT 003685].

ASL Airlines Belgium added two 737-400Fs.

  • ASL Airlines Belgium acquired (25147, ex-Blue Air) from Airwork following conversion to freighter configuration by Aeronautical Engineers, Inc [FATs 003703 – 3704].
  • ASL Airlines Belgium will acquire a 737-400F (28885, ex-Alaska Airlines) on lease from GECAS following conversion to freighter configuration by Aeronautical Engineers, Inc [FATs 003705 – 3706].

A 737-400F for KV Aviation. Ireland-based lessor KV Aviation ferried a 737-400 (26302, ex-AirExplore) to Miami for conversion to freighter configuration by Aeronautical Engineers, Inc [FAT 003707].

Sweden-based West Atlantic acquired a 737-400F (28701, ex-Thai Airways International) on lease from Vx Capital Partners, following conversion to freighter configuration by Aeronautical Engineers, Inc [FATs 003664 and 003708].

Tunisia-based Express Air Cargo acquired a 737-300QC (23836, most recently at Yangtze River Express) [FAT 003686]. The carrier will shortly add a 737-300F (24710, most recently at Texel Air) [FAT 003687].

UK-based Jet2 retired a 737-300F (23659). The freighter was ferried to Cotswold Airport (GBA) for part-out [FAT 003684].

European Aviation Group acquired a 737-300QC (24255). Cargo Facts believes the aircraft will likely be operated as a freighter by Malta-based Air X Charter, in support of European Aviation Groups engine repair business.

Mexico-based Aeronaves TSM ordered two CRJ200 P-to-F conversions from Aeronautical Engineers, Inc [FATs 003688 – 3689]. The aircraft to be converted are units 7356 (ex-Air Uganda) and 7392 (ex-Air Mali). Both conversions are scheduled for redelivery this year.

Mexico-based Estafeta Cargo Aeréa ACMI-leased three DC-9-30Fs from Aeronaves TSM [FATs 003690 – 3692].

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