Guggenheim Aviation Partners CEO Steve Rimmer: “We’ve Got an Issue Which Arises Out of [Aircraft] Age Considerations.”

Steve Rimmer will be among the Speaker Faculty at the Cargo Facts Aircraft Symposium, where he will chair a session called, ”Aircraft Finance Challenges in a Volatile Market.”  

From his perspective, Rimmer finds that backlogs for orders of new aircraft have been “strongly influenced” by airlines seeking to add new, fuel-efficient models to their fleets.  This shift to newer types has put pressure on the older models. He indicates that from a financing perspective: “The challenge may rest within the used airplane side of life where financiers are not as aggressively pursuing the funding of those transactions as they have in the past.”

Furthermore, interest in new freighters has decreased the demand for freighter conversions.  Rimmer says that finding financing for conversions of used aircraft is a “much greater issue” than finding feedstock.  He also expresses concern about the issue of age limitations being imposed by some jurisdictions.

For more on these issues, Steve Rimmer talked to Cargo Facts in a podcast.

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