Introducing All New Speakers for an All New Session

As the Cargo Facts Aircraft Symposium quickly approaches, we’re working to make it even better. We’ve invited Michael Steen, Executive Vice President, Atlas Air; Stan Wraight, Managing Partner, Strategic Aviation Solutions International; Shawn McWhorter, President, Nippon Cargo Airlines – Americas; and Neel Shah, Former SVP, Delta Cargo to kick off the Symposium with  a brand new session.

Seeking Solutions to the Air Freight Dilemma, will be a session where these executives will extract new insights into how air freight carriers and service providers can rise above the current air freight dilemma.  The air freight market hasn’t yet rebounded from the economic crisis, making this session a crucial discussion on the future of the industry. 

Don’t miss this opportunity to engage in a  discussion to find real solutions to air freight’s biggest challenges.

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