Lufthansa Cargo wants to give you a free trip to Frankfurt — Again!

Last year Lufthansa Cargo held what it called “The Air Cargo Innovation Challenge,” in which it asked for new and interesting air cargo ideas, with an all-expenses-paid trip to Frankfurt and flight training with a Lufthansa Cargo pilot as the first prize. This year, they’re doing it again, with the additional incentive that three winners will get that top prize (as well as frequent flyer miles on  parent airline Lufthansa).

We at Cargo Facts are a bit jealous, because all we can afford to offer as a prize in our occasional contests is coffee and a doughnut, but we like Lufthansa Cargo’s idea and are happy to give it a bit of a push.  Here’s what LH Cargo has to say about this year’s event:

  • Without the efficient and precise handling of thousands of tons of air cargo every day, we would need a lot more patience waiting for our new flat screens, iPhones, designer clothes, etc. from overseas. Customer service plays a major role in the air cargo process, linking the customer, shipper and airline. The 2nd Air Cargo Innovation Challenge seeks your new and creative ideas about how customer service should look and function in the coming years. The contest especially focuses on customer touch points, where the customer and the customer service department have specific contact; apps / all means of new technology communication and customer loyalty programs. There is also an area called the “Blank Room”, where the contestant is invited to submit their most exciting and out-of-the-box ideas which do not fit into the other three categories.


Full details are available on the Lufthansa Cargo contest website and I won’t cover them all here, but the basic concept is that a panel of senior executives at Lufthansa cargo will consider all the entries, and select the winning ideas, with prizes going to the top three. The deadline for entries is 7 November, so you’ve got a little over a month to come up with your winning submission.


And even if you’re not interested in boosting LHC’s bottom line, you can check out the website to see if you can use some of the ideas in your own operation.

6 thoughts on “Lufthansa Cargo wants to give you a free trip to Frankfurt — Again!

  1. I would suggest that Lufthansa cargo needs to adopt flexibility in its policy in terms of adapting challenges of cost and management suited to local situation and competition. We, in India, also experienced rigidity of policies when Jade Cargo managed by Lufthansa and was definitely a poor show that lead airlines into bankruptcy. One central policy from Germany is sure to hamper entire global competitive rotational operations. Instead dynamism and local adaptability would go far beyond securing bottom line apart from profits especially for Asia Pacific Region which is currently not as bad as Europe and US in terms of recession. This can be achieved by an independent department of capacity control and its staff assigned with allocated sector control (24 x 7) that could make a turnaround of cargo profits. This is just my contribution to innovative suggestion to LCAG

  2. Hi Ajit,


    This makes a lot of sense to me. I am connected with the 2nd Lufthansa Air Cargo Innovation Challenge (though I do not work for Lufthansa) – may I suggest that you enter what you wrote above as an idea entry on the contest platform? The link is above. 




  3. Dear Erik,

    As per your advise, I have already contributed to the LCAG innovative website. However I am not excited about free airticket but a job with LCAG as today I have been exploring job opportunities after Jade Cargo in India suspended operations effective 01Dec.2011 for whom I was instrumental to derive maximum loads/revenue apart from establishing Jade Cargo as new brand amongst already established carriers when they started operations with Air Logistics Group in India (Chennai/MAA) effective 01 Jan.2010. Its very painful to absorb that a carrier with 6 nos 744 new brand freighters have been now grounded and no signs of revival though trying my best to salvage through ABC/ACG partnership who are looking to buy more freighters.

  4. Dear Ajit,

    I’m sorry to learn about how you have been affected by Jade Cargo suspending operations in this way. As I wrote above I do not work for Lufthansa but I can guarantee you that the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prize winners do indeed get flown to Frankfurt to meet with LHC top brass, which is certainly a golden opportunity for someone exploring employment opportunities, especially with your qualifications.

    I wish you the very best of luck.

  5. Dear Erik,

    Thank you very much if my suggestion win any reward and this trip to Franfurt at all turns into employment opportunity. I have worked with Emirates Sky Cargo (GSA) – (EKSC) from 2001-2008 in MAA and was also actively involved in such innovative suggestions. However EKSC used my suggestions but could not reward me due to no direct id from EKSC and was informed that it was meant only for its employees who have EK id’s though it was only a self consolation of my good work and never expected any rewards. Similarly, I assure all that if given an opportunity to work with LCAG, will strive to make better suggestions and cost effective operations that is the order of the competition today. I have also observed that the trade only attracts candidates with influence or high reference as a result could not find suitable placement and desparately looking into viable options, even if it means relocation by leaving my family at MAA. Sorry to evolve my emotions running high due to joblessness but hope this could be with every individual who are in my situation.

    Thank you once again and would also like to have another suggestion for ULD control with entire network though small investment still makes difference at large for a network of 250+ destinations with LUC’s damage reprots not maintained/updated to HDQ by certain stations, at times.    

  6. Dear Ajit,

    I understand that it is a difficult, emotional situation and would suggest that you also add your additional suggestion (and any others you come up with) to the contest website. The more ideas you have, the higher your chances of winning.

    Again, best of luck.

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