MASKargo DC-10CF

MASKargo DC-10

It’s the spring of 1992 and we’re seeing MASkargo’s DC-10-30CF, N105WA (msn: 46891, leased to Malaysia from World Airways) loading up at Amsterdam Schiphol in the wee hours of the night.

Originally built for Martinair Holland in 1973, this CF went to World Airways in 1988, who then leased it to Malaysia – along with several other DC-10 Combis – during the 90s. After world it was operated by ChallengAir of Belgium, Taesa of Mexico, and finally, Cielos Del Peru, who have been using it in long-term lease for ten years now.

These days, MASkargo is running four 742s, two 744s, and one A300 as dedicated freighters, while also utilizing belly space on Malaysia’s sizeable pax widebody fleet (A332/A333, 772, 744p). And they still fly to Schiphol.

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