Mystery 744

Mystery 744BCF

This former Korean Air 744 BCF (id: 24200) arrived on the Boeing ramp last month after being ferried there from ICN via Anchorage – and it has remained on the Boeing ramp at BFI ever since, though it has moved around a bit during the last couple of weeks.

The A/c may be there to assist with 747-8 testing, but only Boeing knows for sure. With BFI a major center in the 787 testing program as well as the pre-delivery testing center for new-build 737’s, the ramp there is a crowded place, so there must be a purpose. Visible In the background are Dreamliner #2 (in ANA colors) and a 737 for Norwegian Air Shuttle (one of more a dozen 737’s on the ramp at that time).

N734BA was originally built as a pax aircraft for Korean back in 1989, and then flew pax ops until its conversion to a freighter in 2007.

Coincidentally, the line number of this A/C happens to be 748.

Photographer: Alex Kwanten. Click on the image to see it at full size.

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