On the Agenda at the Cargo Facts Aircraft Symposium: Aircraft Appraisers’ Roundtable

Aircraft values have only partially rebounded in the post-recession recovery. Now there are new pressures due to increasing production rates by the OEMs and the introduction of new models, such as the 787, A350, A320neo and 737MAX types.  A group of well-respected appraisers will give their views on the current and future values of a variety of aircraft models, including those considered prime candidates for passenger-to-freighter conversion. We recently spoke to Fred Klein, President of the Aviation Specialists Group, who will be the moderator at the roundtable. Regarding the air freight sector, Klein said the market could show short-term growth. “Hopefully, we’re going to see an economic pickup and that’s going to be translated into improvements in air cargo volumes,” Mr. Klein said.

Joining Klein on the appraisers’ panel will be Doug Kelly, VP, Asset Valuation, AVITAS, Inc;  Mark Halsor, President, Aircraft Information Services, Inc; Eddy Pieniazek, Director, Ascend; Ken de Jaeger, VP, ICF SH&E and Phil Seymour, President and COO, IBA Group, ltd.

Register now and join them at the Cargo Facts Aircraft Symposium in Miami.

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