Stagnation Reigns in the Air Freight Market, New Report Reveals

These are challenging times for the airlines, express companies and freight forwarders that serve the international air freight market, and it appears those challenging times will continue in 2013, according to a new report published today by ACMG.

After a remarkable recovery in 2010, global demand for air freight has been stagnant for the 30-month period through the fourth quarter of 2012. Full-year 2012 FTK statistics reflect about a 2% decline versus 2011, placing the total only about 1% above the pre-recession peak in 2007. In other words, five years with no net growth.

So how are industry participants coping with this situation? This question and more are addressed in the new study published today by ACMG (Air Cargo Management Group). ACMG’s Air Freight and Express Performance Analysis 2013 provides fresh insight and a detailed assessment of the international air cargo/express industry and the companies that compete in this evolving market.

The report is available for purchase at A teleconference highlighting ACMG research on the topic will take place on March 6th at 1 p.m. EDT. To RSVP for that teleconference, please visit

ACMG released Volume 1 on the international market today. The companion Volume 2 study, which addresses the U.S. Domestic Air Freight Market as part of the Air Freight and Express Performance Analysis service, will be published in July 2013. Together these reports, along with a newly-developed freighter aircraft transactions database, comprise ACMG’s unique in-depth Air Freight Analysis market research service.

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