The 2011 Cargo Facts Aircraft Symposium is just a few weeks away

With the 24th of October now less than a month away it’s time for an update on the 2011 Cargo Facts Aircraft Symposium, the 17th annual edition of this event. Full details are available on the Symposium website (click here) so I’ll just hit a few highlights, and encourage you to register now if you haven’t done so already. As always, we have an interesting agenda, with both panel and round-table discussions on timely subjects, and we have structured the schedule so that there will be plenty of opportunity for networking.


In addition to covering recent developments in aircraft finance, passenger-to-freighter conversions, regional aircraft operation, and the global air cargo scene, we are introducing some subjects of particular interest in the current economic climate. New for this year, we will open with a session titled “A Global Survey of Aviation Industry Economics and Trade.” This session will explore trends in global economics that will greatly influence the aviation industry and the demand for aircraft in 2012 and beyond. Among the speakers will be senior executives from Avitas, Boeing, and Standard & Poor’s.


This will be followed by a session devoted to fleet strategies employed by carriers in various market segments and regions. Of particular interest to those of you who are members here on is that one of the speakers in this session will be Michael Steen, Executive Vice President & Chief Commercial Officer at Atlas Air Worldwide Holdings Inc. For full details on the other sessions and on the social events, check the Symposium website.


I look forward to seeing you in Las Vegas!


One thought on “The 2011 Cargo Facts Aircraft Symposium is just a few weeks away

  1. Good afternoon David,
    I’m looking forward to the symposium. There are so many open questions about the world economy and the effect on our industry, that a concentrated couple of days discussion is going to be very valuable. Some very good additions to the agenda.
    Mike Stewart

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