World Bank economist to present at the 2011 ACMG Workshop

John S. Wilson, a Lead Economist at the World Bank, has accepted an invitation to present at the 2011 ACMG Workshop on May 2-3 in Atlanta on global economic trends and challenges.

Mr. Wilson has worked at the World Bank since 1999, and currently directs its research on trade costs, business facilitation, and economic development as a Lead Economist in the International Trade group in the Development Research Group of the World Bank. Recently, his focus on trade costs has led him to research global air cargo expenses. To learn more about Mr. Wilson, please visit the World Bank or Wikipedia

Mr. Wilson’s address on May 2 at 4 p.m. ET is tentatively titled, “Macro Markers: The Rebounding Global Economy & Trade.” 

Mr. Wilson’s participation at the ACMG Workshop is part of an extensive rebuilding of the annual event to include an expanded roster of top-notched thinkers on global air cargo and express industry trends and opportunities.

To register for the ACMG Workshop or learn more about it, please visit

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