Vietnam air cargo market becoming increasingly dynamic, appealing to carriers [VIDEO]

During a roundtable panel discussion at the 8th annual Cargo Facts Asia Symposium held last week in Shanghai, Kersti Krepp, VP Sales & Marketing, Asia-Pacific, Polar Air Cargo Worldwide, described how changing demographics in the Asia Pacific region are making certain air cargo markets more dynamic, and increasingly appealing to carriers.

Noting that some 40% of airfreight demand stems from the Asia Pacific region, Krepp was bullish on the ability of a growing consumer class to continue driving imports. “Airplanes do fly roundtrip, and so we’re not just focused on the export volumes,” said Krepp.

Taking Hanoi as an example, Krepp said the gateway was once almost exclusively an export gateway for a single shipper. As the market has evolved, an increasing number of shippers are using the hub, which makes for a “healthier” market.

Check out highlights from Krepp’s discussion below, which is part of a special video series sponsored by ATR.

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