Another mystery

It is Easter Monday today, and many of our regular readers will still be enjoying time away from work. But for those of you  who do check in to, here’s a mystery for you…

First 777F Freighter Takes Off on B-1 Flight K64503-03Late last week Boeing announced an order, placed on 23 March by “Unidentified Customer(s)”, for two 777 Freighters. This has become something of a trend lately, with unidentified customers responsible for three of the five orders for 777Fs placed since the beginning of 2014.

But it’s hard to keep a secret, and two of those mystery customers have now been uncloaked. 

  • Saudia Cargo took delivery early this month of the first of four 777Fs from the “Unidentified Customer” order placed in January 2014
  • Guggenheim Aviation Partners is now known to have placed the order for six units in December 2014.

But who is the latest mystery customer?

For the last two months we have believed 777F orders from EVA and Etihad were imminent. Could it be one of those two? Perhaps, but EVA wants five 777Fs, not two, and while Etihad is an obvious choice because it has a history of ordering one or two 777Fs at a time (and definitely needs more freighters), it has no history of secrecy.

No doubt the customer will be unmasked before too long, but in the meantime, it is fun to speculate. And, as usual, we offer fabulous prizes to those who guess correctly. (Well, fabulous if you would really enjoy a cup of coffee and a donut, and are willing to visit our office to collect your prize.)

Regardless of who the customer turns out to be, the order underlines the tremendous popularity of the 777 Freighter. It took only six years for Boeing to reach its hundredth 777F delivery, and the total is now up to 104, with 56 more on order.

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