Brand new and Unpainted – 777LRF

  • David Harris
  • August 26, 2011
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Cargo Facts

Unpainted FE 777F - A. Kwanten

This unpainted 777-200LRF, soon to be N892FD (msn: 38707), gives a good view of what the skin structure of one of these capacious birds looks like. Cargo Facts observed it returning from its first flight – a two and a half hour sortie from Paine field to Grant County/Moses Lake (for a touch and go) and back as BOE75. Upon arrival, it taxied all the way down runway 16R, turned around and did a rejected takeoff test before heading back to the ramp.

Once delivered, #38707, the 960th 777 produced, will bring FedEx’s 777LRF fleet to 14. Just hours earlier, another brand-new 777LRF for Emirates SkyCargo had departed from this very same spot bound for Chek Lap Kok/HKG on a delivery flight.

Photographer: Alex Kwanten

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