The widebody freighter fleet: Growing again, but slowly

Today we begin a multi-part analysis of the worldwide fleet of widebody jet freighters in commercial service, as of 31 January, 2018. We start with a look at the entire fleet – which carriers are operating which freighters – and in the coming days will move on to the ways in which the fleet has […]

The widebody freighter fleet – Part II

We began this year’s analysis of the worldwide widebody freighter fleet yesterday, with a look at the composition of the fleet on a carrier-by-carrier basis, making particular note of the fact that despite an 18.5% increase in cargo traffic over the last five years, the total number of freighters in the fleet, and their total […]

The widebody freighter fleet: The more things change…

Today we begin our annual review of the widebody freighter fleet with some general observations on fleet growth, and a look at the fleet on a carrier-by-carrier basis. In the days ahead will continue with an examination of how the composition of the fleet is evolving, at carriers that ceased operations and carriers that joined […]

Widebody freighter fleet analysis 2016 – part IV

Last month Cargo Facts presented a three-part series looking at the widebody freighter fleets of airlines worldwide (you can read Part I here, Part II here, and Part III here).  Today we begin a second series of posts in which we examine the distribution of the fleet in more detail. Air freight demand increased just 2.2% in […]
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