Is Lufthansa warning of a cutback of its freighter fleet?

A letter to customers from Lufthansa Cargo Executive Board member Andreas Otto saying the carrier would impose a 20% rate increase at the start of the winter schedule has been recently quoted in the media. The focus of media attention so far has been on the likelihood of Lufthansa Cargo being able to impose such […]

First signs of Peak Season?

Many of the world’s major cargo carriers and handlers have now reported their August results, and Cargo Facts expects that once data from the big Middle East carriers is available, we will see a modest year-over-year gain in worldwide airfreight demand for the month. But more important than a small overall gain in August – […]

Air France cuts its freighter fleet – almost to the bone.

In 2012, financially-troubled Air France-KLM outlined a plan (Transform 2015) to reach the goal of returning its Air France operations to profitability after years of losses. The plan called for changes throughout the Air France operation, but focused particularly on restructuring short- and medium-haul operations to compete profitably in Europe, and “accelerating the transformation of […]

Myanmar looks set for significant air cargo growth

After 50 years in the international wilderness, Myanmar is opening up and presenting a wealth of development and growth opportunities. While most countries in Southeast Asia have experienced a slowdown in growth, Myanmar’s economy has just taken on wings.   The air cargo industry in Asia looks set to endure another relatively slow peak season […]

Tanker conversion gives new life to the BAe 146

We often write about passenger-to-freighter conversions on, but freighters and combis aren’t the only potential new lives for older passenger aircraft. Many governments and some companies need search-and-rescue aircraft, refueling tankers, and firefighting tankers, and most of these are converted from pax models. Today we look at the latest on the firefighting conversion scene […]
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