The next generation of “invisible freighters” is coming

During a chat with Emirates cargo boss Ram Menen last year I mentioned that many people found it surprising that Emirates could become one of the world’s biggest cargo carriers without operating very many freighters. He just smiled and said that in fact he operated a huge fleet of “invisible freighters” — the belly holds […]

Chapman Freeborn celebrates 40 years of aircraft chartering

Chapman Freeborn is officially celebrating 40 years of successful aircraft chartering this May. Starting out from humble beginnings from an office in London, arranging contracts for Alaska International Air’s L-100 Hercules freighter fleet, the company has grown steadily and organically.    Today, it is a leading supplier of passenger and freight aircraft charters to major […]

Not everyone is running away from freighter operation!

It seems that whenever two or more air freight industry professionals gather these days, the conversation soon turns to the difficulty of operating widebody freighters profitably in the current overcapacity environment. All-cargo carriers are enduring hard times (see last week’s post on Air Cargo Germany here), and combination carriers are parking existing freighters and deferring […]

Air Cargo Germany declares insolvency

In a short notice on its website, Frankfurt-based all-cargo carrier Air Cargo Germany (ACG) formally declared insolvency. The full text of the notice is:  ACG Air Cargo Germany GmbH declares insolvency After the temporary suspension of the Operating Licence for Air Cargo Germany, the management and shareholders of ACG unanimously decided to declare insolvency. Through the insolvency […]

Winners and losers in the first quarter of 2013

The International Air Transport Association today released its summary of worldwide air freight demand and capacity in March 2013. IATA’s results confirm our own analysis posted here two weeks ago: That demand for air freight in March would continue the pattern of low-single-digit declines seen in the recent past.  IATA has not changed its full-year […]

Breaking news: 747 Freighter crash in Afghanistan

A National Airlines 747-400BCF (25630) crashed on takeoff from Bagram, Afghanistan this morning. Full details are not yet available but eyewitness accounts indicate that it is unlikely there were any survivors. The Taliban has claimed responsibility, but again, eyewitness accounts indicate that this is unlikely — that the freighter appeared to enter a nose-up stall […]

Dornier 328 Turboprop Cargo Conversion STC

We recently completed a first of type passenger to freighter conversion on a Dornier 328-120 Turboprop.  This is the first and only FAA approved conversion on the 328 TP. This project began over a year ago in the USA as a repossession for a major German bank.  The Class E cargo  mod consisted of removal of […]
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