Change of regulations governing ACMI leasing in the US

  • David Harris
  • October 5, 2010
  • Archive

In a non-docketed request to the US Department of Transportation, Portugal-based euroAtlantic Airways applied for permission to ACMI lease a 767-300BDSF to US-based carrier Florida West International Airlines. DOT recently granted approval, which marks the first time such permission has been granted. Until now, non-US carriers have been prohibited from ACMI leasing aircraft to US carriers.

Needless to say, this has been a sore point with other countries — particularly those whose carriers ACMI lease aircraft from US carriers. Think of what kind of business Atlas or Southern or World would have if they were not permitted to ACMI lease freighters to carriers outside the US.

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One thought on “Change of regulations governing ACMI leasing in the US

  1. congratulations
    its a positive development by the Us DOT.
    we all hope that this regulation will end, also by analyzing the critical situation the US Aviation is in, generally speaking, allowing other countries/airlines to ACMi to us carriers can only bring benefit to
    the Us Airlines. Double standards have to be avoided