The E-Commerce Revolution Logistics Tool is a database of selected relationships between major global and regional e-commerce companies and those companies offering logistics services, including air cargo carriage.



Can I download the entire E-Commerce Revolution Logistics Tool database?

Yes, you can download it here.

Can I suggest changes or amendments to the E-Commerce Revolution Logistics Tool data?

Yes, please email us at [email protected] to suggest corrections or additions. In your correspondence, please be as specific as possible.


Database Fields

Agreement Date
Date relationship established (if available)

Beneficiary Company
The company benefiting from services provided by the relationship (may not be Company A). For example, the ultimate beneficiary of the agreement between STO Express (Company A) and SW Italia (company B) is STO’s customer, Alibaba

Company A Receiving Service
Company establishing relationship/receiving services

Company A Type
Primary e-commerce/logistics business of Company A

Company A World Region
Company A headquarters world region

Company A Country
Company A headquarters country

Company B Providing Service
Company providing services

Company B Type
Primary e-commerce/logistics business of Company B

Company B World Region
Company B headquarters world region

Company B Country
Company B headquarters country

Territory Region of Agreement
World region(s) covered by the relationship. Some relationships cover a single region, some cover multiple regions and some are global

Territory Country of Agreement
Country (or countries) covered by the relationship. For example, the agreement between Amazon (USA) and FedEx (USA) covers multiple countries

Financial Relationship
Financial structural relationship between the parties

Functional Relationship
Service covered by the relationship. Note that the functional relationships involving only freight carriage are categorized as carriage; however, the agreements involving multiple services such as: Express, Warehousing, and Carriage, are labeled as logistics.

URL link to the source of information on the relationship


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