Notes & Disclosures

The E-Commerce Revolution Logistics Tool is not intended to be a comprehensive database of all e-commerce companies and their logistics relationships. Rather, the database is a collection of transactions selected by the ACMG e-commerce team involving major global and regional e-commerce companies around the world—the Tool is not a definitive catalog.

ACMG has compiled the E-Commerce Revolution Logistics Tool on a “best efforts” basis from a variety of public and private sources. The tool was last updated in October 2017. Some records in the database may contain errors, or relationships may be included that have been formed and since dissolved. Please note that the “Agreement Date” is not available for some entries. We continually strive to improve the accuracy of the Tool and welcome users to contact us at [email protected] with corrections or suggestions.

The user has the option to download the entire database in Excel format. The file also includes a link to media reports of every relationship.

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