Emirates to end 747 freighter operations

 Emirates still continues to operate thirteen 777Fs

Emirates still continues to operate thirteen 777Fs

Dubai-based Emirates has ACMI-leased two 747-400ERFs (35325 and 35236) for almost ten years, first from TNT Airways, and now from ASL Airlines Belgium, which acquired TNT Airways when FedEx acquired TNT. But Emirates has confirmed that it will end this arrangement and, from the beginning of 2018, its freighter fleet will consist only of its own thirteen 777Fs [FATs 003774 – 3775]. ASL Airlines Belgium currently operates two 747-400ERFs (35232 and 35234, now owned by FedEx), but, given the news below, it seems likely that ASL will not operate the ERFs coming back from Emirates, but rather return them to lessor Aircastle.

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