Freighter Forecast 2020-2039

The Cargo Facts Consulting Freighter Forecast has been the fundamental resource for strategic analysis of the current and future freighter fleet since 2005.

This year’s edition provides an in-depth analysis of recent developments and trends across the feeder, narrowbody, medium and large widebody freighter segments. This is complemented by a forecast of aircraft retirements and fleet additions through to 2039. This includes a breakdown of the fleet by aircraft type as well as the share of conversions and production freighters in each segment.

Given that the forecast was prepared during the middle of probably the worst crisis ever faced by the global airline industry, we have included a chapter on the short-term outlook for cargo demand, capacity and aircraft supply.

Report subscribers will receive access to an interactive Freighter Forecast Tool that allows users to create their own alternative growth scenarios and a Feedstock Analysis Tool to analyze passenger to freighter feedstock for different feeder, narrowbody and widebody aircraft over a 15-year period.

As the only in-depth independent forecast of its kind, the Cargo Facts Consulting Freighter Forecast Report is the must-have industry essentials you need at your fingertips. Users can search by Fleet, Gross Additions, Retirements, and Net Change.

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