Identify the mystery customer! Win a fabulous prize!

Who is the mystery customer?

From time to time we like to offer a challenge to our readers. We don’t do it often, because the Grand Prize for the right answer (coffee and a doughnut at the nearby Top Pot Doughnut Shop) strains our budget to the limit, but it has been a while, so…

So, our treat at Top Pot Doughnuts to the first reader to identify the mystery customer who, on the second-to-last day of November, ordered a 747-8 Freighter from Boeing.

Yes, that’s right, Boeing booked a new order for its jumbo freighter, but other than a one-line entry in the Orders & Deliveries section of its website, the manufacturer made no comment.

Chime in with your thoughts about who it might be (and why whoever it is wants to cloak the order in secrecy). Who knows? You might even win a coffee and a doughnut, on us.


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8 thoughts on “Identify the mystery customer! Win a fabulous prize!

  1. Qatar Airways #2 (msn 37564).
    Why the secrecy? Boeing doesn’t want to upset the Saudis.
    Hedging my bets: If not, it’s either Azerbaijan or Cargolux (for Cargolux China (or whatever it’s going to be called).
    If I win, are you going tp pay my way to SEA (business class, of course)?

  2. Silkway

  3. AirBridgeCargo (most probably via a lessor)

  4. Turkish Airline.

  5. The real question is: Why the secrecy? If it were Silk Way or Turkish or Cargolux or Cathay, why hide it? Of course there could be a reason, but those carriers — in fact, most carriers — are quite happy to announce their orders.
    Peter’s guess (a lessor, for end-user AirBridge) is a possibility, as is Martin’s guess about Qatar. In fact, Boeing has already delivered one 747-8F to QR under the “Unidentified” cover.
    We’ll see…

  6. I believe Boeing already added in the two QR frames to their Unidentified Orders back in the middle of July this year. QR then positively identified them towards the end of September in their press conference around the delivery of their first frame. Boeing has not moved them from the unidentified line, however.