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Lufthansa Cargo on flightradar24With the weekend about to start, it’s time for a bit of fun – courtesy of our friends at Lufthansa Cargo…

Here’s an excerpt from their latest newsletter: “How many Lufthansa Cargo freighters are currently in the air? Where are our Boeing 777Fs flying to and is LH8165 already on its way across the pond? You can now get the answers to these questions very simply on the Lufthansa Cargo website. Flightradar 24 shows you the position of the Lufthansa fleet in real time.  Simply click on an aircraft to find out its destination and flight number.”

If you go to http://lufthansa-cargo.com/en_de/network/maps-of-network/flightradar/ you’ll see an interactive map of the world with every Lufthansa Cargo flight shown in real time. Click on any of the little airplane icons, and you get full details about the flight, as well as its track on the map. You can select freighters only, belly only, or both.

It’s all taken from flightradar24, which provides the same kind of data for most of the world’s airlines. If you’re any kind of aviation geek, you’ll love it.


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