Launch orders for new narrowbody conversion programs

HONG KONG — Launch orders totaling 92 passenger-to-freighter conversions were announced for 737-800 and A320 conversion programs at the fourth annual Cargo Facts Asia event in Hong Kong today.

B737-800F Model (3) edited version copy

Aeronautical Engineers Inc launched their 737-800 P-to-F program at last year’s Cargo Facts Asia, and today confirmed launch orders for a total of 50 conversions from two customers. AEI declined to name the customers, but Cargo Facts expects that at least one, and possibly both, are lessors with significant 737-800 fleets due to come off lease over the next few years.

PacAvi, which formally launched an A320 Family P-to-F conversion program last September, made a similar announcement, saying it had firm orders for 42 A320 conversions. As was the case with AEI, PacAvi said the orders were from two unidentified customers, although the company did say one of the PacAvi freighter litecustomers was based in Europe, the other in Latin America.

And finally, while it wasn’t a launch order, Precision Aircraft Solutions said it had booked an order from DHL Express for an unspecified, but significant, number of 757-200PCF conversions.

Not a bad day in the narrowbody freighter market.

Cargo Facts will provide more coverage from Cargo Facts Asia in the May issue. 



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