Narrowbody fleet in 2022

This table shows the narrowbody freighter aircraft in service as of the end of March 2022, and accompanies our narrowbody fleet analysis published in the April issue of Cargo FactsFor these purposes, we have grouped together airlines and affiliates that belong to the same parent group, or those with common investors; these have been marked with an asterisk. Click on each column header to sort by ascending or descending order.

Operator / Group757-200FTu-204C727-200FA321-200F737-800F737-400F737-700FMD-80F737-300F737-200FDC-9FBAe-146Total
Aeronaves TSM4151130
Air China Cargo44
Air Incheon33
Airmark Aviation Group36312
Alaska Airlines33
Allied Air134
Ameristar Jet Charter33
Asia Cargo Network11810
Asia Pacific Airlines44
ASL Aviation Holdings22144269
Atlas Air88
Bluebird Nordic27110
Cargo Air28313
Cargojet Airways99
Central Airlines44
China Central Longhao Airlines3137
China Postal Airlines576624
Cobham Aviation44
Estafeta Carga Aérea426
Ethiopian Airlines33
Everts Air Cargo55
FedEx Express105105
Gulf & Caribbean Cargo33
HNA Group12148
iAero Airways72110
Kalitta Charters II46313
Kargo Xpress213
Líneas Aéreas Suramericanas1113
Modern Logistics224
Morningstar Air Express1010
Nolinor Aviation123
Northern Aviation Services4610
Pionair Australia66
Poste Air Cargo55
SF Airlines3731454
Sideral Linhas Aéreas7613
Star Air Cargo55
Sun Country Airlines1212
Texel Air1214
Titan Airways213
Total Linhas Aéreas314
Trigana Air Service33
USA Jet Airlines23611
YTO Cargo Airlines729
z43 carriers with two or fewer freighters each6638121251163
∑ = 318 ∑ = 3 ∑ = 22 ∑ = 8 ∑ = 90 ∑ = 161 ∑ = 10 ∑ = 23 ∑ = 119 ∑ = 7 ∑ = 21 ∑ = 10 ∑ = 792
Sources: Carriers, lessors, conversion houses, Cargo Facts database
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