Notes & Disclosures


The Freighter Aircraft Transactions (FAT) Database is neither intended to contain transactions involving all aircraft, nor to be a complete record of all transactions over the lifetime of any particular aircraft. Rather, transactions in the FAT are those that the Cargo Facts team considers to be noteworthy – the database is not a definitive record.

By design, a new record is entered into the database for each mention of a transaction in Cargo Facts and Update, so the user will often see multiple records for a particular transaction with various reporting dates.

Cargo Facts has compiled the FAT Database on a “best efforts” basis from a variety of public and private sources. We cannot always verify a transaction before publication deadline, so some aircraft may have conflicting transactions in the database due to subsequent information. Also note that a reported transaction sometimes may not be completed by the contracting parties for any number of reasons. We strive continually to improve the accuracy of the database and welcome users to contact us at with corrections.

The user has the option to download the entire FAT database in Excel format. The Excel edition contains additional information not expressed by the web interface, including a transaction cross-reference field and cell comments detailing changes and corrections along with supplementary remarks. The file also includes the source of every transaction, as published in Cargo Facts and Update.

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