FAT Notes & Disclosures

The Freighter Aircraft Transactions (FAT) Database is neither intended to contain transactions involving all aircraft, nor to be a complete record of all transactions over the lifetime of any particular aircraft. Rather, transactions in the FAT are those that the Cargo Facts team considers noteworthy – the database is not a definitive record.

By design, a new record is entered into the database for each mention of a transaction on Cargo FactsCargo Facts has compiled the FAT Database on a “best efforts” basis from a variety of public and private sources. We cannot always verify a transaction before publication, so some aircraft may have conflicting transactions in the database due to subsequent information. Also, note that a reported transaction may not be completed by the contracting parties for any number of reasons. We strive continually to improve the accuracy of the database and welcome users to contact us with corrections.

By using the FAT, you agree to these terms and to not hold Royal Media Group liable for any mistakes, errors, omissions or any other matters as they relate to the FAT.

The FAT is copyrighted and owned by Cargo Facts and its publisher, Royal Media Group. The data can be download for individual usage of subscribers. The data may not be resold, reused publicly, repurposed, reproduced in any way without the expressed, written consent of Royal Media Group. Any misuse of the FAT data will be prosecuted vigorously by Royal Media Group.