Second 737-800BDSF begins flight tests

The second 737-800 to be converted into cargo configuration by Israel Aerospace Industries’ (IAI) Aviation Group (28619, ex-Pegasus) has been completed and took its first test flight on Nov. 4. The flight took place to the northwest of Tel Aviv (TLV) and lasted just under four hours. Meanwhile, the first 737-800BDSF (30498, ex-Transaero Airlines) has remained […]

Who’s who in freighter conversions: The conversion houses

Today, we conclude our two-part analysis of the passenger-to-freighter conversion market. In the first part yesterday, we began with a look at the increasing number of narrowbody conversion programs for Next Generation, or NG, aircraft. In the second part today, we take a look at the six conversion houses that currently offer passenger-to-freighter conversion programs […]

Who’s who in freighter conversions: So many programs, so little feedstock

While recent years have witnessed redelivery of the first of the next generation of narrowbody freighter conversions,  the narrowbody conversion space is about to get even busier and more competitive next year. Not only will a second platform, the A321, be introduced but, by the end of 2019, up to three additional narrowbody conversion programs […]

IAI aims for 737-800BDSF STC by next month

Israel Aerospace Industries’ (IAI) Aviation Group is nearing the end of testing for its 737-800BDSF program and expects to receive the supplemental type certificate (STC) by the end of August 2019, the company tells Cargo Facts. Certification had previously been anticipated for May or June this year. Test flights with the first 737-800 to be […]

SpiceXpress’ second 737-700F converted at Haite in Tianjin

On 18 April, Bedek redelivered a 737-700BDSF (30512, ex-Xiamen Airlines) to Spectre Air Capital, following conversion to freighter configuration at the Haite Facility in Tianjin. Just hours before the Cargo Facts team departed Shanghai following a successful Cargo Facts Asia, the aircraft departed Tianjin Binhai Airport (TSN) and was ferried to New Delhi Airport (DEL), […]


本月上旬,位于以色列的贝德克航空集团(Bedek Aviation Group)开始对其客改货的第一架737-800BDSF(30498,前Transaero)进行飞行试验。即将完成的测试正在特拉维夫进行,而之前的客改货项目也是在此地进行的。 尽管美国联邦政府的部分停摆推迟了飞行试验,但贝德克公司告诉《货运事实》,预计联邦航空局(FAA)将在今年5月或6月对飞机进行认证。与此同时,第二架737-800已经在特拉维夫进行了改装。贝德克公司在2017年为其-700变型进行了首个737 NG项目认证,自那时以来,已重新交付了四架完成了客改货配置的737-700BDSF飞机,其中的三架交付给了阿拉斯加航空公司(Alaska Airlines),另一架交付给了香料航空公司 (Spicejet)。 回到贝德克公司的737-800BDSF飞机的徽标,飞机目前的徽标涂色并没有显示出其属于某一个特定的运营商。相反,Spectre Air Capital金融租赁公司、飞机所有者和改装客户的标志在飞机上均有显示。2017年10月,Spectre Air Capital金融租赁公司成为贝德克公司737NG改装项目的首批客户,订单为15架737-800和737-700客改货飞机,以及一个不超过15架的追加订购选项。当时,Spectre公司已确认向韩国仁川航空公司(Air Incheon)提供其前三架货机,最初预计将于2017年底交付。鉴于Spectre公司的第一架飞机已经提供给了香料航空公司,《货运事实》相信30498最终可能会与另一个运营商合作。 把眼光转向进行-800改装的特拉维夫之外,贝德克公司告诉《货运事实》,另外两个位于中国的MRO将代表其进行737NG的改装。去年,天津海特工厂引进了一架737-700BDSF,为Spectre公司进行改装,并刚刚完成。尽管MSN尚未确认,但预计天津航空货运公司将成为这架改装飞机的租赁客户。第二批-700最近在天津进行了改装。除了海特,贝德克公司还计划在宜昌三峡机场附近的贝迪克凌云工厂(Belinco)引入一架-700进行改装。  

As 737 NG conversions get off the ground, will MAX groundings limit feedstock?

Early 2019 has seen passenger-to-freighter conversion programs launched years earlier for 737 NG aircraft finally complete conversions and receive certifications. First, in February, Aeronautical Engineers, Inc., received STC certification for its 737-800SF, which was redelivered this month to Ethiopian Airlines, on lease from GECAS. Israel-based Bedek Aviation Group also commenced test flights for its 737-800BDSF […]

Bedek expects STC for its 737-800BDSF program by June

Earlier this month, Israel-based Bedek Aviation Group commenced flight tests for its first freighter-converted 737-800BDSF (30498, ex-Transaero). Tests are being completed near Tel Aviv, where the former passenger aircraft was converted to freighter configuration. Although the partial shutdown of the U.S. Federal Government delayed flight tests, Bedek tells Cargo Facts that it is expecting the […]
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