As Triumph idles 747 component production will Boeing follow?

The sole manufacturer of fuselage sections for Boeing’s 747 program, Triumph Group, has begun parting out its California factory and yesterday began auctioning off equipment. The company has built 747 fuselages for Boeing since the aircraft was launched in 1966. Boeing currently only has eighteen 747s left on firm order. All of them are -8Fs, […]

UPS receives 12th 747-8F and celebrates 50th anniversary of the Queen of the Skies

UPS took delivery of its twelfth 747-8F (64262) late last week [FAT 005036]. While UPS is part of a select group of carriers to operate the -8F, this particular aircraft is unique in that it features a special decal near the nose, celebrating the fiftieth anniversary of the Boeing 747, as can be seen from […]

Flynn retiring as Atlas CEO, with Dietrich to assume the role in 2020

Today, Atlas Air Worldwide Holdings announced that President and Chief Executive Officer William Flynn will retire from the company at the end of this year. Flynn will become chairman of the board upon his retirement.   Atlas’ current Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, John Dietrich, will take Flynn’s place. Dietrich has been appointed president of the company effective immediately and will assume Flynn’s CEO role […]

2800+ new freighters to be added in the next 20 years, forecast finds

This is the first of three posts on the future freighter fleet based on the 2019 Freighter Forecast, published by Cargo Facts Consulting. The global freighter fleet will add 2,380 jet freighters and 421 feeder aircraft, according to Cargo Facts Consulting’s latest 20-Year Freighter Forecast. The 2019 Freighter Forecast was released today by Cargo Facts Consulting […]

The widebody freighter fleet — Part II

Yesterday, in Part I of this analysis of the widebody freighter fleet as it stood at the end of January 2018, we offered an overview of the entire fleet – which carriers are operating which freighters. We concluded Part I with a chart showing every airline that operates widebody jet freighters in commercial service, including […]

The widebody freighter fleet: Growing again, but slowly

Today we begin a multi-part analysis of the worldwide fleet of widebody jet freighters in commercial service, as of 31 January, 2018. We start with a look at the entire fleet – which carriers are operating which freighters – and in the coming days will move on to the ways in which the fleet has […]


总部位于中国香港的国泰航空报告显示,其今年十一月份的货运量同比增长了11.2%,运输周转量达到了10.7亿吨公里。该成绩明显好过今年九月份(4.2%)以及十月份(7.5%)的同比增长数据,又回到了今年六至八月的两位数增长水平。今年的前十一个月,国泰航空货运量同比增长了8.9%,运输周转量达到了105.3亿吨公里。 关于今年取得的成绩,国泰航空商业及货运总监Ronald Lam表示:“国泰航空货运吨位数同比增长,反映了全球航空货运市场的整体实力。诸如中国“双十一”这样的重要事件,推动了整个电子商务的发展,并有力的缓解了感恩节后传统的航空货运需求下滑,航空公司从而在货运装载率以及货运利润等方面获益。自11月26日开始的那一周,打破了国泰航空周度货量的历史记录,同时,国泰航空货运网络一些主要市场还在本月创造了新的收入记录。航空货运市场的前景依然乐观,预计将持续到圣诞节。” 此外,国泰航空欧洲区域经理Ray Jewell表示:“航空公司普遍认为货运将持续增长直到明年第一季度。从订货到交货的时间在延长,客户正在努力寻找航空运力。托运人被警告航空运费可能会增加。航空公司喜闻乐见货运代理以更高的价格购买更长时间的航空舱位,以确保其货运业务得到保障。”
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