Aviastar-TU plans to add more 757Fs

Russia-based Aviastar-TU will “most probably” expand its fleet with more 757Fs in 2020, the carrier confirmed to Cargo Facts. Aviastar-TU currently operates three 757-200Fs and four TU-204-100Cs. The carrier joined the ranks of those who operate the freighter version of the 757 when it took delivery of its first 757-200PCF (25731, ex-American Airlines) in August […]

Aviastar-TU sees more 757Fs on the horizon

After taking delivery of a 757-200PCF (25731, ex-American Airlines) on-lease from New Zealand-based Airwork this month, Russia-based Aviastar-TU confirmed to Cargo Facts that it plans to add another freighter-converted 757-200PCF later this year, and possibly more in 2019. The carrier’s second 757-200 (25696) is already in conversion with Precision Aircraft Solutions at the Aersale facility in […]

Freighter aircraft transactions from mid-June through mid-July

Every week in Cargo Facts Update, we include a list of recent freighter aircraft transactions, and then a comprehensive summary in the monthly issue of Cargo Facts. Each reference to a freighter aircraft transaction (FAT) in our publications contains a unique FAT code linked to the FAT database on the CargoFacts.com website. This database is […]


目标成为中国最大的快递企业,顺丰速运在上海浦东国际机场设立了新的转运中心。此前,顺丰在长三角地区的转运中心为杭州萧山国际机场,杭州距离上海160公里,进入中国最大城市的愿景势在必行。 消息人士指出,自2016年上海机场与顺丰速运签署合作备忘录以来,双方一直在加紧合作的脚步,新的转运中心成立后,预计将有8条国内热门航线,具体包括广州、北京、成都等,由波音757F、767F承载。 未来计划,是开通国际航班!这似乎正是选择浦东机场的理由,浦东机场作为全球通达性最好的机场之一,为40个国家、248个城市提供直航服务。 相关消息,顺丰航空机队不断扩张!顺丰集团上市非常成功,顺丰掌舵人非常迫切进一步扩展38架飞机的机队。我们期望不久的将来,顺丰航空将会再次对外宣布新的改装订单。与此同时,我们认为,目前正由PAS公司负责在美国杰克逊维尔工厂改装的两架757-200s飞机(原隶属于美国航空),正是为顺丰度身定制。这些飞机应该是大笔订单中的一小部分,但顺丰拒绝就此事发表评论。