Return to the skies of passengers doesn’t spell the end of passenger freighters

Even as passengers return to the skies, passenger freighters aren’t immediately headed for their demise. The uptick in passenger flights recorded from mid-June onward has not led to an immediate end to the use of passenger aircraft for cargo-only service. Although some aircraft have traded out cargo for passengers — or at least a mix […]

‘COVID-19 freighter fleet’ tops 350

The number of aircraft that carriers have operated for the sole purpose of transporting cargo during the COVID-19 crisis has more than doubled in the past two weeks to more than 350, based on analysis by Cargo Facts. See also: 130+ passenger aircraft added to ‘COVID-19 freighter fleet’ The nature of these makeshift freighter operations […]

787 Fixes Begin

On Friday, the FAA announced the approval of Boeing’s design modifications to the 787’s battery systems, clearing the way for the implementation of the changes. Shortly thereafter, Boeing deployed support teams – over 300 specialists – to aircraft that had already entered service prior to the January 16th grounding. The changes will clear the way […]

United’s First 787

United Airlines became the first U.S. Airline to take delivery of the 787 on September 23rd, but the actual aircraft – N20904 (msn: 34828) – has had a low profile since then, but will shortly begin a series of special flights to domestic United focus cities and hubs. Seen here about to perform a high-speed […]

LAN’s first 787 nears delivery

Next Friday, LAN Airlines will take delivery of its first 787-8, registered CC-BBA (msn: 38471). The Aircraft is seen here earlier this month performing a high-speed taxi test prior to its first flight (which took place on Aug. 6). LAN will become the fourth airline to receive a 787, with the third, Ethiopian, having just […]

ANA Tests the 787

Over the past week and a half, hundreds of spectators watched at several of Japan’s largest airports while ANA and Boeing conducted service ready operational validation tests on ZA002, the second 787 and one of the six dedicated test planes. It’s important to make that distinction because customer-bound 787s are now flying, including ZA102, which […]

Customer 787 Frames Gain Engines

The 787 program ran into serious trouble a couple of weeks ago after an electrical fire broke out on unit ZA002 (N787EX, msn: 40691, l/n #2) while on approach at Laredo, Texas. All of the flight test aircraft have since returned to BFI and Paine Field except for ZA002, and the testing fleet is essentially […]
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