Air Hong Kong expands fleet with third own-operated A330F

Air Hong Kong (AHK) will soon add to its fleet the A330-300F (777, ex-China Eastern Airlines) recently converted by Elbe Flugzeugwerke (EFW) and redelivered to DHL Express at the end of May. Unit 777 was sent from EFW’s facility in Dresden (DRS) to Malta (MLA) on May 28 to be painted, and has now been photographed in the […]

DHL replaces Air Hong Kong A300F with A330F

DHL Express has swapped out an Air Hong Kong A300-600F (683, ex-Japan Airlines) for the newly converted A330-300P2F (231, ex-Thai Airways) that was redelivered in early September 2019. After operating a rotation between Hong Kong (HKG) and Taipei (TPE), unit 683 was ferried to Dresden (DRS) on Oct. 19 via Dubai (DWC). Meanwhile, unit 231, […]

EFW redelivers third A330-300P2F to DHL

Elbe Flugzeugwerke (EFW) has redelivered the third freighter-converted A330-300F (231, ex-Thai Airways) to DHL Express [FAT 005124]. Following the redelivery, the express carrier has five more A330-300P2Fs on firm order, and options for ten more. After having conducted two test flights on Aug. 27 and Sept. 2, the aircraft  flew from Dresden (DRS) to Malta […]

Air Hong Kong to bring ASL-operated A330Fs under own AOC

Wholly owned Cathay Pacific subsidiary Air Hong Kong (AHK) will soon be operating at least two A330 freighters under its own AOC, the carrier told Cargo Facts. While the carrier currently operates ten A300-600Fs, it had previously contracted ASL Airlines Ireland to operate a small fleet of A330Fs on an ACMI basis. The first aircraft, […]

Freighter aircraft transactions through 15 December 2017

Every week in Cargo Facts Update, we include a list of recent freighter aircraft transactions, and then a comprehensive summary in the monthly issue of Cargo Facts. Each reference to a freighter aircraft transaction (FAT) in our publications contains a unique FAT code linked to the FAT database on the website. This database is available to […]




DHL将第三架空客330-300投入改造 DHL快递将1架原隶属于泰国航空的空客330-300运送至EFW的德累斯顿工厂,并准备进行货机改造。DHL将是EFW空客330‑300客机转换货机计划的首家客户,该改造包括8项必选内容以及10项可选内容。 航空运输服务集团(ATSG)将又一架波音767-300BDSF收入囊中 这架原隶属于美国航空的飞机由ATSG的货运租赁部门接收,交由贝代克(Bedek)航空集团负责改造。 瑞典西大西洋航空获得一架波音737-400F 这架原隶属于大提琴航空 (Cello Aviation)的飞机,通过Vx资本租赁获得。该飞机由航空精工(Aeronautical Engineers)负责改造,将交由总部位于英国的子公司大西洋航空负责运营。 阿拉斯加航空将第三架波音737-700投入改造 该架波音的737-700货机改造,将交由贝代克航空集团位于以色列的特拉维夫工厂。 ASL集团收获一架波音737-400F 该飞机租赁自卡哈拉航空,将为TNT快递提供运营服务。
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