The wild card in the air freight game

Two weeks ago, when we analyzed the February results from some of the world’s big cargo carriers, we concluded that, once full worldwide data were available, we would see a fall-off in demand growth from January to February, and that the combined two-month growth would be below the double-digit percentages we saw last year, but […]

DHL launches “Global Trade Barometer”

DHL launched an index, the “Global Trade Barometer” both for measurement of economic growth (based on import and export data for select commodities) and for prediction of the impact of the current environment on demand for air and ocean freight. The Barometer, which saw its first release this month, uses data from 2013 onward. It […]

September yields surge, volume growth remains strong

Two weeks ago, we predicted that when worldwide data were available for September, we would see a year-over-year increase in air freight demand within a low-double digit band. Both WorldACD and IATA have published their September analyses, and, as you can see in the charts at right, demand was slightly lower than our expectations with […]

Will year-over-year gains begin to decline in September?

When we summarized the worldwide air freight data from August, we predicted that, while demand would stay strong through September, the year-over-year percentage increase would probably show a slight decline. Why? Because it was in September 2016 that demand growth began to accelerate, making the year-over-year comparisons tougher. Looking back at 2016, air freight demand […]

The good times keep rolling in July

Two weeks ago, when we analyzed the just-published July results from some of the world’s big carriers and airports, we predicted that when IATA and WorldACD published their detailed analyses of cargo traffic worldwide at the beginning of September, we would see air freight demand growth in July of 11% or 12%, year-over-year. We are still […]

Air freight tonnage up 15% in March

Through the past two weeks, as we analyzed the March results coming in from the world’s big cargo carriers and airports, we predicted that when IATA and WorldACD published their comprehensive data for the month, they would show a double-digit increase in demand for air freight. When we saw the last results to come in, […]
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