July 2019 airfreight demand: summer slump persists

As airports and carriers begin to report their July 2019 cargo traffic results, airfreight demand – unsurprisingly – continues to respond negatively to increasing trade friction on the trans-Pacific trade lane, and elsewhere. Carriers from all regions almost unanimously reported moderate year-over-year declines. There is little change from June 2019, for which IATA reported a […]

Steep declines follow May uptick in June first look

As airports and carriers begin to report June 2019 cargo results, the picture of generally sluggish demand remains unchanged from the previous months. Despite the return to growth of a few Asia Pacific-based carriers during May 2019, almost unanimously, carriers and airports based in the region reported lower traffic in June 2019 compared to the […]

Kalitta Air files complaint over slot allocation at AMS

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (AMS) reported a 2.5% decline in freight volumes and 10.4% drop in full freighter movements year-over-year for 2018, as freighter traffic at the airport has been challenged since 2017, when AMS began enforcing a rule requiring operators to keep to scheduled operational time “slots” 80% of the time or risk losing them. […]

Cargo communities outgrow pharma focus

Pharmaceutical shippers are easily among the most idiosyncratic air cargo customers. For sensitive vaccines and lab samples, even the most well-thought-out supply chain cannot overcome the need for tightly controlled, transparent, and quick transportation. That does not mean, however, that pharma shipments are immune to modal shift to ocean freight. Between the years 2000 and […]


荷兰阿姆斯特丹史基浦机场(AMS)的航班时刻短缺,引发了一项新的法案提议,根据该提议,将会清理出约25%的虚占航班时刻,并将主要配给于货运航班。目前,货运航班约占史基浦机场总航班数量的4%。 当然,航空公司有很多调整策略以保障现有的航班时刻。目前,该法案提议的首个版本已被拒绝,但荷兰基础设施和公共服务部门,最近已经检查了该提议的合法性和有效性。在没有异议的情况下,该部门将会要求荷兰机场管理局尽快推进落实可行性研究,并必须在2018年11月30日之前完成相关工作。

Demand grows in Hong Kong and Singapore

When we published our first look at February cargo demand last week there were still a few of the major players to be heard from – Singapore Airlines, Cathay Pacific Airlines, and Hong Kong International Airport in Asia; and Amsterdam Airport Schiphol in Europe. All four of those laggards have now published their February data, […]

Shippers call for rapid implementation of “local rule” at AMS

Today a triad of Dutch organizations – ACN, the local air cargo community; TLN, the Dutch Association for Transport and Logistics; and evofenedex, the Dutch Shippers association, pressed the country’s Minister of Infrastructure and Public Works to move forward immediately with the implementation of a “local rule” for slot distribution at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. They […]
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