Return to the skies of passengers doesn’t spell the end of passenger freighters

Even as passengers return to the skies, passenger freighters aren’t immediately headed for their demise. The uptick in passenger flights recorded from mid-June onward has not led to an immediate end to the use of passenger aircraft for cargo-only service. Although some aircraft have traded out cargo for passengers — or at least a mix […]

Reconfigured passenger-freighter fleet tops 130

More than 130 passenger aircraft have now been reconfigured for cargo by removing seats from the main-deck cabin, according to Cargo Facts research. Meanwhile, the total number of passenger freighters, which includes aircraft that have not had seats removed, has grown to more than 1,800. Airlines that have opted to reconfigure passenger cabins have done […]

‘COVID-19 freighter fleet’ tops 350

The number of aircraft that carriers have operated for the sole purpose of transporting cargo during the COVID-19 crisis has more than doubled in the past two weeks to more than 350, based on analysis by Cargo Facts. See also: 130+ passenger aircraft added to ‘COVID-19 freighter fleet’ The nature of these makeshift freighter operations […]


联邦快递于两周前刚刚推出了ATR 72-600的新型货机计划,在本周宣布了与德事隆签订了50架新型塞斯纳SkyCourier的订单,外加另有50架的可选订单。SkyCourier作为双涡轮螺旋桨飞机,作为客机可以搭载19名乘客,作为货机可以装载2.7吨货物。该飞机具备大型货运机门,可以同时装载3个LD3集装箱。 联邦快递表示,预计在2020年中期签收首架SkyCourier,并在此后四年内,每月签收一架该型号的飞机。在宣布订单的同时,联邦快递根据当前全球飞行员短缺的情况,打趣说道:“得益于我们正在筹备之中的飞行员协作培训计划,通过在联邦快递支线航线网络所获得的飞行经验,将为优秀飞行员申请在联邦快递工作创造一条良性渠道.”
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