Air cargo continues its move from “Me” to “Us”

At the World Cargo Symposium in Abu Dhabi today, host IATA announced the launch of the IATA Cargo Handling Manual, “to help airlines and cargo handlers work together more effectively while improving safety and efficiency in air cargo operations.” IATA sees the manual as part of “the air cargo industry’s efforts to transform itself through […]

Inside the cargo terminal

As we reported earlier this month, 2014 was a very good year for cargo operations at Hong Kong International Airport. The new Cathay Pacific Cargo Terminal handled 1.45 million tonnes in its first full year of operation, which Hong Kong Air Cargo Terminals (Hactl) reported its full-year handle – adjusted for the loss of Cathay Pacific’s […]

Cargo handling news

WFS secures cargo contracts at Copenhagen and Malpensa.World Flight Services (WFS) acquired the Copenhagen Airport-based cargo-handling business currently run by Swissport Cargo Services Denmark. After a brief, two-year stint in Copenhagen, Swissport said that losses from the operation led to the decision to exit the Danish market. The company had earlier pulled out of cargo […]
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