Summer Classic – Ameristar DC-9-15

They’re pretty rare these days, but by chance we’ve seen two DC-9-15s in as many months. In July we brought you C&M Airways’ ex-Kitty Hawk example, and today we’ve got another – also from Texas and also a 1967 example. Ameristar’s DC-9-15RC (N783TW, msn: 47010) is seen here on a fuel stop between Anchorage and […]

El Paso Express

A rare sight nowadays, this DC-9-15MC (msn: 47055) was built in the fall of 1967 for Trans-Texas Airways (TTA) and delivered on November 22 of that year, just a few months after the McDonnell-Douglas merger. The smallest of the DC-9/MD-80 family, the original DC-9 variant was developed in the early 1960s as a short-haul companion […]

Summer of ’72

From the Cargo Facts Archives! It’s the summer of 1972 and we’re seeing Overseas National’s DC-9 N938F (msn: 47221), named “Gina” ( it’s on the nose, although you can only just make it out) taking on crew somewhere – likely Norfolk Naval Air Station/Chambers field (NGU). Unusual for a sixties DC-9, it doesn’t appear that […]
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