YTO Cargo Airlines looks beyond scheduled freighter services

Earlier this week, Hangzhou-based YTO Cargo Airlines opened a cargo sales office in downtown Shanghai, a move that seems to reflect a departure away from a business model previously reliant on providing lift for its parent company, YTO Express. Although “the majority of its capacity” will continue to serve YTO Express, the airline subsidiary is […]

Cargolux considering more 747Fs on higher 2017 results

Last year at this time, the air cargo market had only just begun to recover from its protracted slump. The downturn hit cargo-focused airlines hard, and Luxembourg-based Cargolux was not immune. Even though Cargolux’s traffic rose by 10% in 2016, net profits fell from US$49 million the previous year, to just $5.5 million – not […]

Carriers in the Maghreb continue to add freighters

Earlier this year, on 21 June, Boeing and Casablanca-headquartered Royal Air Maroc (RAM) announced an order to convert a passenger 767-300 from the Moroccan carrier’s fleet, to freighter configuration. According to multiple flight and fleet-tracking databases, it appears that one of Royal Air Maroc’s 767-300s (30008) has been taken out of scheduled passenger service, and […]

Is the end in sight for the 747 — Part II

Yesterday, in Part I of this three-part analysis, we quoted Boeing’s warning that, unless orders picked up, it was “reasonably possible that we could decide to end production of the 747.” You can read Part I here, and Part III here. Today we continue with Part II Until recently, Boeing has said it believed there would […]

Is the end in sight for the 747?

If there is one aircraft type that symbolizes commercial aviation, it is Boeing’s 747. Since the first 747-100 entered service in January 1970 (see the historic video at the end of this post), the manufacturer has delivered over 1,500 747s in several variants, up to and including the current offering, the 747-8. Today we start […]

A massive freighter order from China Postal

Demand for narrowbody freighters is going off the charts in China. How many times have you read the words “e-commerce is exploding in China” on these pages? Probably enough times to be tired of hearing it, but that doesn’t make it any less true, or any less important to the air freight and express industry. […]
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