Dutch State to match France’s stake in Air France-KLM

In a move that came as a surprise to Air France-KLM’s Board and the French government, the Dutch State acquired a 12.68% stake in Air France-KLM Group, valued at US $774 million. In the near future, the Dutch Finance Ministry plans to match the French Government’s 14.3% stake in the holding company through the purchase […]

Airbus forecasts freighter fleet growth of 65% through 2037

In its most recent Global Market Forecast, Airbus shared expectations that the global freighter fleet will grow by 1,072 aircraft to total 2,722 in-service freighters, for an increase of 65.0%, during the next twenty years. This year’s forecast is even more optimistic than last year’s, when Airbus forecasted 49.7% growth to a fleet of 2,410 […]

YTO Express Airlines moves forward with plans for rapid fleet expansion

The carrier recently acquired three 737-300s for conversion to freighter configuration by PEMCO World Air Services at the STAECO facility in Jinan, and is reported to have also acquired three 757-200s for conversion by Precision Aircraft Solutions. Cargo Facts has confirmed that the three 737-300s are units 29407, 29408, and 27520, the last three of […]

LATAM outlines plans to cut freighters

  • Charles Kauffman
  • November 11, 2016
  • Carriers
Santiago-based LATAM Airlines’ cargo division had another rough quarter during 3Q16, and in response to the twin forces of overcapacity and persistently challenging market conditions, has outlined plans to further reduce its freighter fleet. From an operational standpoint, after eleven consecutive quarters of falling gross revenues, Santiago-based LATAM Airlines finally caught a break, with total […]

Boeing releases its 2014 Freighter Forecast

  • David Harris
  • October 8, 2014
  • News
Boeing’s new World Air Cargo Forecast 2014-2015, released this week, indicates that the global fleet of freighters will expand from the current 1,690 units to 2,730 units by the end of 2033. The fleet increase is in response to projected growth in air cargo demand of 4.7% per year over the next 20 years. Demand […]

New Airbus freighter forecast

Airbus released a new edition of its Global Market Forecast showing aircraft demand for 2014 through 2033. During the 20-year period Airbus predicts 31,358 aircraft will be delivered, of which just 803 will be freighters. The fleet prediction is based on average annual increases of 4.7% in passenger demand and 4.5% in cargo demand. The freight […]