US House committee considers bill to fund FAA during shutdowns

Today, the US House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure Subcommittee on Aviation held a hearing to discuss H.R. 1108, the proposed “Aviation Funding Stability Act of 2019” that would fund the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in the event of a partial government shutdown like the one ended late last month. The hearing examined how the […]

IATA reports only 2.1% air freight traffic growth for July

Despite reports from carriers, airports, ground handlers, and the Association of Asia Pacific Airlines (AAPA) indicating a rebound in air freight traffic growth rates during July, the International Air Transport Association (IATA) recorded a significant slowdown in year-over-year growth for the month, at only 2.1%. IATA attributed the slower growth to a number of factors, […]


国际航空运输协会(IATA)在其2018年二季度的货运专报指出,航空货运最好的上升阶段已经成为历史,在过去三个月内(2018年2-4月),货运吨公里数(FTKs)同比增长仅为4%。尽管空运行业的货运吨公里数会因为季节性调整而继续保持同比增长,然而,货运吨公里数在过去的两年里首次出现了季度数据的同比下降,此外,过去6个月的货量数据也出现了一定程度的下降。货量的下降与国际贸易发展趋势的减弱有关,因为航空货运增长放缓也反映在集装箱货物的数量减少,货物与货量,两者都与日益加剧的贸易保护论及关税征收有关。 国际航空运输协会(IATA)指出,全球制造业采购经理人指数(PMI)的新增出口订单板块的数据有所下降,这是衡量制造业及服务业经济健康程度的一个重要指标。全球制造业采购经理人指数(PMI)已触及了最近21个月以来的最低点,这表明2018年第三季度的航空货运吨公里数增幅可能会更低,预计将会低于2%。 然而,空运环境并没有预测数据所显示的那样可怕,特别是考虑到国际航空运输协会(IATA)对于该行业巨头们的市场调研的结果,大家均对未来前景保持乐观的态度。市场调查显示,尽管航空货运增长未达到预期的效果,但仍有信心继续保持增长的态势,航空货运业务的收益率将是未来关注的焦点,未来12个月,航空货运收益的加权平均值,预计将达到近八年来的最高水平。

US tariffs on Chinese goods signal trade war has arrived

Today, the United States government followed through on earlier threats from US President Donald Trump by imposing a 25% tariff on about $50 billion worth of Chinese imports containing “industrially significant technologies,” which the Office of the United States Trade Representative (USTR) said are related to China’s “theft of our intellectual property.” For its part, […]

Demand growth strengthens in April

When the world’s big cargo carriers, airports, and handlers began reporting their April results, it appeared that while year-over-year growth in demand for air freight would probably be a little higher than the 1.7% IATA reported for March, it would not be by much. But as results continued to come in from some of the […]
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