EU carriers continue to struggle

In the European Union, just four airline groups – Air France-KLM, Cargolux, IAG, and Lufthansa – carry almost 90% of the cargo flown by EU-based carriers. Historically, these have been some of the most respected and successful airlines in the world, but history doesn’t stand still, and all of these once-mighty cargo operations have struggled […]

All-cargo vs combination carriers

Europe’s combination carriers are having a miserable summer. While the difficulties at AF-KLM – which announced that it was to cut frequencies and routes and reconsider its aircraft orders while bringing forward cost-cutting plans – have been well-documented, airline sources say the market is hard for all the legacy carriers. A spokesman for Lufthansa Cargo […]

Don’t point your finger at China…

“China woes threaten air freight industry, Lufthansa warns.” That is the title of a news story published yesterday by Bloomberg. And if the title weren’t ominous enough, the lead sentence will surely grab your attention: “Lufthansa, Europe’s biggest cargo airline said it’s concerned that a stock market rout which wiped $3.2 trillion off the value […]

Lufthansa rising

April results from many of the world’s major cargo carriers are now available, and today we look at the three big European combination carriers. In recent years, all three have been faced with increased competition from carriers in the Gulf Region, Turkey, and Russia; and each has adopted a different strategy to cope. We analyzed these […]

Differing strategies in Europe

The big-three European combination carriers continued to pursue their widely diverging cargo strategies in the first quarter, with – no surprise here – widely diverging results. Historically, all three have had a strong focus on cargo, but all three have seen their cargo traffic fall while the general trend worldwide has been steady growth for […]

Cargolux punches back

For the last two years, Cargolux has been the air freight industry’s favorite punching bag. Now it appears to be punching back. The Luxembourg-based all-cargo carrier has provided an unending series of headlines for the media, and been an easy target for criticism by industry observers. Not only that, the company has been torn by […]

Lufthansa on the fence about more 777Fs

As we have reported, EVA has decided to modernize its freighter fleet with 777Fs. But on the other side of the world, Lufthansa Cargo is hesitating. When the Germany-based carrier ordered five 777Fs from Boeing in May 2011, part of the deal was options on five more. Initially, Lufthansa had set March 2014, just after delivery of the third […]

The ABCs of market share

The big three Western European carriers – Lufthansa, Air France-KLM, and IAG – all reported dismal first-quarter cargo results. While there have been some internal issues for those carriers, most observers will be quick to assume that the real problem is an ongoing loss of market share to airlines based in the Gulf Region. But […]
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