A blast from the (3-engine) past

We’re taking a video tour down Memory Lane today, with a look the three-engine era — an era from which the only remaining aircraft are in cargo service. We’ll start with the present, and work backwards. Here’s a video assemblage of takeoffs and landings of the current star of the air freight world, the 777F and […]

The last Globemaster

The final Boeing C-17 Globemaster III military transport flew from the manufacturer’s Long Beach production facility early this week. The aircraft, destined for the Qatar Emiri Air Force, is the 279th C-17 to roll off the line at Long Beach, and with its delivery, aircraft production at the facility will end. The C-17 was originally designed […]

30 Years of Cargo Facts: The MD11F Arrives

Deliveries of the MD-11 began in 1990, after several years of work on the part of McDonnell-Douglas to reinvent their large Trijet. Although the MD-11 was launched in 1986, work had actually begun on improvements to its parent and predecessor, the DC-10 as far back as a decade prior to that. After the 1979 grounding […]

30 Years of Cargo Facts: FedEx Makes It Big

It seems hard to believe now, but there was a time when wide-body aircraft were still new to FedEx, and when it operated just ten of them. Back in 1986, FedEx took delivery of the first new-build DC-10 built specifically for the carrier, N306FE (msn: 48287). On January 24. The aircraft’s delivery ceremony graced the […]

Martinair MD-11CF

Back in 1994, Martinair became the launch customer for one of the lesser-known variants of the MD-11, the MD-11 Convertible Freighter (CF). Just six were built, four going to Martinair and two going to World Airways. World’s CFs have since been converted to windowless freighters. Though Martinair is highly unlikely to ever fly passengers again […]
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