Does November decline signal a turnaround?

The International Air Transport Association released its air freight market analysis for November 2015, showing a 1.2% year-over-year decline in worldwide cargo traffic (in freight tonne kilometers flown). This 1.2% overall loss was the result of a 1.3% decrease in international traffic and a 0.4% decrease in domestic traffic. Three weeks ago, when we looked […]

A weak November

Many of the world’s major cargo carriers and airports have reported their November results, and the overall pattern seems to be one of declining air freight demand. It will be another two weeks before worldwide data are available from IATA and WorldACD, but we expect both organizations to report flat or negative growth in demand […]

November was cruel to Europe’s Big Three

One of the most famous English-language poems of the twentieth century begins: “April is the cruellest month.” Perhaps that was true in 1922 when T.S. Elliot wrote it, but for two of the big three European carriers – Lufthansa and IAG – April 2015 was far less cruel than November. As for the third member of the […]
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