More An-124s for Volga-Dnepr

We will continue with the conclusion of our multi-part analysis of the narrowbody freighter market next week, but for our end-of-the-week post we’ll go to the other end of the size spectrum with the latest news about, and a few photos of, the An-124 Last week we reported rumors that Russia-based Volga-Dnepr Group was looking to acquire […]

Rouble Trouble

Rouble Trouble for Russia’s airlines: A combination of economic sanctions and falling oil prices has sent the Russian rouble into freefall against both the euro and the dollar; and Russia’s airlines have been hit hard. Relatively little has been made public, but information from sources in Russia allows us to summarize the situation for several […]

Polet suspends operations

Russia-based Polet suspended both cargo and passenger operations, and has been placed in administration by a Moscow Arbitration Court. The suspension of cargo operations follows a long-running legal battle with lessor Ilyushin Finance Corp (IFC) over lease payments on two An-124s. Earlier this year one of IFC’s owners, Alexander Lebedev, took Polet to court claiming the carrier owed […]

Court rules Polet must return AN-124 to IFC

Legal woes continue for Russia’s Polet Airlines, which has been ordered to return at least one of its two remaining An-124 freighters after losing a long-running court battle with the aircraft’s lessor Ilyushin Finance Corp (IFC). One of IFC’s owners, Alexander Lebedev, took Polet to court in February, claiming that Polet owed IFC US$9 million […]

Polet wobbles as court cases continue

Polet Airlines, the Russian AN-124 operator, is feeling the pinch, writes Cargo Facts’ European editor, Alex Lennane. According to some locally placed sources, it may struggle to see out the year. The airline has faced a string of court appearances relating to its two AN-124s and various claims of debt. Although it appears to be winning […]

Up Close With the AN-124

A surprise visitor to the Seattle area earlier this month, one of Polet’s four active AN-124 Ruslan freighters is seen here on the taxiway before departing to Anchorage. The aircraft, RA-82068 (msn: 9773051359127), must not have been heavily loaded – needing just about 6000 feet to rotate and take off, not much for such a […]

Polet IL-96-400T

Here’s something you can’t see every day – an Ilyushin IL-96 400T. There aren’t many of them – less than 20 IL-96’s of all types are currently in service, and with the exception of three pax IL-96-300’s operated by Cubana, all of them are based in Russia. This one, RA-96103 (id: 01003) belongs to Polet […]
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