Update from the TIACA Executive Summit

MIAMI – 21 May 2015. ACMG Senior Director Alan Hedge, attending the TIACA Executive summit, reports that at Thursday morning’s session on Advance Data, customs experts from multiple jurisdictions, including the U.S., Canada, and the EU, and from the World Customs Organization and ICAO presented their electronic cargo information systems status and answered questions about […]

Scanning for batteries

As the dangers involved in the air transport of lithium batteries have become more obvious, regulations governing their carriage have become more stringent. But how to enforce those regulations? How to prevent undeclared shipment? The UK’s Civil Aviation Authority has awarded a contract to US-based Rapiscan Systems to determine the feasibility of automatically detecting batteries […]

TSA ends air cargo screening reporting

The US Transportation Security Administration this week announced it will no longer require carriers and freight forwarders to provide air cargo screening volume reporting. The move comes after a considerable lobbying effort by the International Air Cargo Association (TIACA), and since TIACA has summed up the situation admirably, we quote their statement in its entirety: […]

UK bans use of explosive-sniffing dogs in cargo screening

The UK’s Department for Transportation issued a surprise ruling last week, banning the use of sniffer dogs in the screening of air cargo. The notice came on Thursday afternoon, with no warning, and advised that as of one minute to midnight on that day, dogs “cannot be used to screen air cargo in the UK […]

The Heist

On Tuesday, the FBI announced that it was investigating the apparent disappearance of $1.2 million in $100 bills, apparently from the hold of a Swiss International Airlines (SWISS) A330-300 flying form Zurich-Kloten to John F. Kennedy International Airport on Saturday, June 22. The stolen lucre was part of a part of a $93 m currency […]
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