SpiceXpress’ second 737-700F converted at Haite in Tianjin

On 18 April, Bedek redelivered a 737-700BDSF (30512, ex-Xiamen Airlines) to Spectre Air Capital, following conversion to freighter configuration at the Haite Facility in Tianjin. Just hours before the Cargo Facts team departed Shanghai following a successful Cargo Facts Asia, the aircraft departed Tianjin Binhai Airport (TSN) and was ferried to New Delhi Airport (DEL), […]

The first 7 operators of 737 NG freighters

Earlier this week, Atran Airlines, the express carrier subsidiary of Russia-based Volga Dnepr Group, announced it successfully added its first 737-800BCF to its AOC (32616, ex-Nok Air), on lease from GECAS. Atran has become the seventh 737 NG operator, since Bedek redelivered the first freighter-converted 737-700 in September 2017. Today, there are three active conversion […]

737-800BCF certified by China’s Civil Aviation Authority

Earlier this week, Boeing confirmed that its 737-800 Boeing-converted freighter aircraft has been certified by the Civil Aviation Authority of China, which means that Chinese airlines may now operate the Next Generation 737 converted freighter. In 2019, Boeing plans to deliver sixteen 737-800BCFs, seven of which will be delivered to Chinese airlines including, China Postal […]


Spectre将六架波音737-700改造货机 总部位于美国的飞机租赁及管理公司Spectre航空资本,最近购买了六架波音737-700飞机,并将由Bedek航空集团转换为波音BDSF系列的货机配置。这些飞机之前均隶属于厦门航空。 长荣航空签收一架波音777F 总部位于中国台湾的长荣航空,近期签收了其与波音公司订购的五架飞机中的第一架。 马来西亚航空重新启用一架波音747-400F 自2016年初以来,该架波音747-400F一直停泊在机库,马来西亚航空现将其重新服役。 ATSG收购一架波音767-300ER 这架原隶属于美国航空的飞机,将由Bedek航空集团转换为波音BDSF系列的货机配置。 顺丰航空签收另一架波音757货机 这架原隶属于美国航空的飞机,经由总部位于中国的顺丰航空收购,将交付给PAS在成都的太古工厂转换为波音PCF系列的货机配置。 ASL航空收获一架波音737-400F 这架原隶属于Aero Contractors的飞机,经总部位于爱尔兰的ASL航空向GECAS租赁,由Aeronautical Engineers进行货机改造。 Aeronaves TSM签收一架麦道MD-80F 这架原隶属于美国航空的飞机,经Aeronautical Engineers进行货机改造,交付总部位于墨西哥的Aeronaves TSM。目前,其机队包括七架MD-80F以及六架DC-9F。此外,还有三架MD-80与两架CRJ200正在进行或等待货机改造。 Pinnacle Partners进入CRJ200货机市场 总部位于美国的飞机管理公司Pinnacle Partners,近期收购了两架CRJ200飞机。这两架原隶属于达美航空以及ExpressJet航空的飞机,将由Aeronautical Engineers来进行货机改造,并计划于2018年3月及2018年4月重新交付。Pinnacle表示,计划在2018年再购买两架CRJ200进行货机改造。  

Spectre launches Bedek’s 737-800 P-to-F program, Air Incheon will lease 3

MIAMI – At the Cargo Facts Symposium in Miami, US-based Spectre Air Capital announced an order with Bedek Aviation Group for fifteen 737-800 and 737-700 passenger-to-freighter conversions, plus rolling options for fifteen more. The first three conversions will be 737-800BDSFs for Korea-based Air Incheon, which will take the freighters from Spectre on long-term lease, with […]
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