748 Flight Line


You can’t see this many 747-8’s anywhere else but Paine Field, at least for now. Flight testing is still under way for the 748f, but the production line is already humming and these big birds are on the flight line awaiting engines and the models’ certification. Two Korean Air Cargo liveried examples are on the flight line, although only one is seen here (either s/n 37132 or s/n 37133). To the right is s/n 35807 in full CargoLux colors, carrying a test registration but destined to be LX-VCC. Further down are Cathay’s first two 748f’s, s/n’s 39238 and 39239, the former at the back of the line in Cathay’s special “Hong Kong Trader” scheme.

Not seen here are the others which have rolled out the front doors – one more Korean Air Cargo bird and frames for Atlas Air and Air Bridge.

Nestled between the big guys is a relatively small pax 767-300 for JAL (s/n 40363, the 994th 767 frame).

Paine is now so packed with 747-8’s and 787s that Boeing is looking to store some frames in other areas of the vast air field, particularly 787s, and will begin storing some frames over by the Future of Flight exhibition space.

Photographer: A. Kwanten. Click on the photo to see it at full size (it’s a panorama, so it’s fairly large).

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