AEI MD-80SF Pre-Flight

AEI MD-80SF Interior

12 position 88”x108” Container or Netted Pallet
8 position 125” x 88” ULD’s longitudinally oriented
8 position 125” x 96” ULD’s longitudinally oriented
4,500 lb average position weight limits for the 88” x 108” configuration
46,600 lb payload


The cargo door opening on the AEI MD80SF is 85″ X 136″

AEI MD-80SF Pre Flight

The AEI MD80SF just prior to its first flight.


Photos: AEI/Robert T. Convey

One thought on “AEI MD-80SF Pre-Flight

  1. Nice to the “Mad-Dogs” converted to Freight-Dogs. The cargo business must be booming if MD-80s have ben called to duty 🙂

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